More than 15 years approaching first class fruit and providing great client value is the best cover letter of Displafruit. A fruit company that launches its foray with two sales booths in the Mercavalencia fruit and vegetable industrial building. Since then, we have grown until becoming a referent within the Valencian Community in Canary banana maturation. In 2006, the GEA foundation awarded us with the prize for the best Valencian Company on wholesale distribution in its seventh edition, thus, rewarding our effort, sacrifice, and dedication. In 2012, we opened a new warehouse in the municipality of Alginet, where we work and prepare kaki. We are an enterprise with wide experience in the sector, with professionals of reference, and with important international and national supermarket suppliers. Not to mention that we are engaged to wholesale of fruits in Mercavalencia, where we are established wholesalers. Today, with several brands and a powerful positioning, both nationally and internationally, Displafruit looks to the future with great plans. Among them, the wish of fulfilling, in the best way, all our clients needs.


After strengthening our position as wholesalers in the fruits and vegetables industrial building in Mercavalencia, by the end of 2003 we were the first company to start maturing banana in our own facilities, and shortly after we opened our first warehouse located inside Mercavalencia, which includes ripening and preservation rooms. Given the needs for expansion and for increasing the available resources for maturation and preservation of products, we have carried out the implementation of new facilities in Alginet. These new facilities have a total surface of 8,000 m2. They host new pressure chambers for maturing, in such a way that we have the capacity to mature a yearly volume of banana of up to 25M kg. Also, we have cold rooms. All of these facilities, equipped with cutting-edge technology. Regarding our other main product, the kaki, we opened in 2012 the facilities that allow for the production line used during the campaign months, with an approximate surface of 4,000 m2. They also host deastringency and cold rooms for product treatment and storage. In these facilities we prepare all the kaki production for international and national markets.

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DisplaFruit is an experienced company in great quantity of products and in their respective value chains. It which offers them in different markets and laying its expertise both in Canary banana and kaki. It trades its products in modern channels such as supermarket and hypermarket chains or discount shops, while still maintaining the traditional distribution channels in Mercavalencia. Its reputation is based on the clarity, integrity, and seriousness of its practices, guaranteed thanks to a wide experience and backed by the professionalism and reputation preceded by the business families that form its shareholding. DisplaFruit’s effort focuses on guaranteeing excellent products and services in a long-term relationship conceived as mutually beneficial.

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DisplaFruit is a specialist regarding maturation and trading of banana, as well as trading of kaki with business response before global markets. Its projection is based on transparency, standards compliance, sustainability, and on the warranty of quality leader products, from a clear intention to continue being a family business with professional management. DisplaFruit emerges at the forefront of technical innovation on maturation, from its deep product knowledge and constant search for technological efficiency and effort in R&D. The company fosters and strengthens its relationship with customers, suppliers and employees by building bonds of mutual trust, cooperation and the development of long-term relationships.

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The values of DisplaFruit are strongly marked by the values of the founders, which are supported by the following: love for agriculture, effort, honesty, seriousness, dedication and taste for well done work. The business culture that distinguishes DisplaFruit is based on its entrepreneurship spirit, as well as innovation, teamwork, vocation for internationalisation and growth. The company creates and maintains a stimulating and participative working environment with respect to its professionals and its human team. DisplaFruit offers its customers quality products with traceability mechanisms and the maximum respect for food safety.


Our quality policy is manifested through our firm commitment to customers to fully satisfy their needs and expectations. For this, we guarantee to promote a quality culture based on the principles of honesty, leadership and human resource development, commitment to improvement and safety in our operations as well as know-how practices in our day to day.The production schemes in Displafruit have the commitment to be a reference for the national and international fruit industries, which seek to be recognized by the high quality standard of their processes, occupational safety, food safety, safety in their products and respect for the environment. The search for continuous improvement in processes and cleaner production is our key to being competitive over time. Human talent is our main asset. That is why we seek to create a good working environment, which offers opportunities for growth and professional development to employees.

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Our company has a high commitment to the community it interacts with. We seek through the generation of well-paid and sustainable employment, making an active contribution to social and economic improvement of the areas where we act as suppliers, as employers or as customers. In the same way, a deep respect for the environment is within our technical staff philosophy. We are strict in our compliance with environmental legislation and the use of agrochemicals. We seek the use of environmentally sustainable products that operate within the framework of good agricultural practices, which, in the end, give us an important competitive advantage.

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Thanks to our professionalism and our culture of effort we are currently present both in the national and international scene by exporting to a large number of countries. We have open markets in European countries such as France, Germany and Italy, and in international countries such as Canada, and the United States.

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Currently, we provide our services to national and international food distributors of prestige and have become a reference in Mercavalencia in the distribution and sale of fruits, especially bananas, strawberries and peaches.